HECKE - C++03 and Windows port

HECKE is a modular forms calculator created in 1999 by William Stein

In 2003 I spent some time porting the code to be C++03 conformant, so that it would build using gcc version 3.2. I am making the results available here in case it is useful to anyone else who would like to build HECKE.

I modified the source code to follow C++03 specifications, and also conditionalized certain sections of the code (#ifdef WIN32 etc.) to make it compatible with the MINGW build environment for Windows.

Here is the resulting "updated" source code: hecke-2005_04.tar.gz.

Windows port: If you're running Windows and don't want to bother building this program from source code, here is a Windows executable: hecke.exe (or download the compressed file -- hecke.zip). It was compiled from the above source package using gcc-3.2 and the MinGW+MSYS win32 build environment.

Here's what you need to build HECKE yourself:

Hecke with updates: hecke-2005_04.tar.gz
Lidia 2.1.3 with patch applied: lidia-2.1.3.wp1.tar.gz
GNU's Multiprecision Arithmetic Library: gmp-4.1.2.tar.gz
Victor Shoup's Number Theory Library: ntl-5.3.1.tar.gz

Unpack the source packages and read the README.txt file in the 'hecke' directory for instructions. All of these packages should compile cleanly in most Unix-like build environments.

EndoHecke - a computational tool for investigating modular endomorphism algebras

EndoHecke is a program Eknath Ghate and I developed, using HECKE's modular symbols engine, for studying the endomorphism algebras attached to non-CM elliptic modular forms. To build it, follow the above steps to build HECKE, and then type "make Endo". Here is a windows executable ready to run: Endo.exe